Kreab Brussels: Tax Expertise Brochure

Explaining complicated matters in a simple way in a world of constant change Kreab supports clients to manage their position and reputation across markets and audiences. Trends such as globalisation and digitilaisation pose fundamental challenges to society. In this increasingly complex world we firmly stick to the business concept which has kept us relevant for five decades; the importance of explaining complicated matters in a simple way.

Why has tax become so topical?

The financial crisis inflicted serious damage on the state of public finances, causing many western countries to rack up significant budget deficits. Governmental responses ranged from departmental budget cuts to tax hikes, and often consolidated programmes involved a mixture of both. With tax revenue at a premium, the level of public scrutiny on those deemed not be paying their fair share – typically multinational enterprises (MNEs) – increased considerably as public authorities grappled with the recessionary environment.

Action was deemed necessary to tackle what many saw as the scourge of tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance.

International “episodes” such as the so-called “Luxleaks” and “Panama Papers” affairs have proven to be a catalyst, bringing the often esoteric tax practices of MNEs squarely into the public focus, with the activities of well known individuals within society often serving as lightning rods for popular criticism.

The upshot

Fundamentally, the notion that minimizing one’s tax liability on the part of MNEs represented standard duty of care towards shareholders has been critically challenged.

How do we help?

We focus on promoting our client’s brands and standpoints. For this purpose we provide them with a platform to establish and manage your contacts and network and contribute effectively and efficiently to policy development. We offer candid advice and realistic assessments about where your actions can bring about real change. Our aim is to offer our clients a comprehensive solution and to achieve this our teams are carefully selected. We combine the experience of former high level officials from both national and European regulators with financial policy experts and media and social media consultants.

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