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Kreab’s Sustainability practice provides public affairs services which focus on delivering strategic advice to clients on critical, and often sensitive, policy issues.

With a multinational team of consultants with deep policy and sector expertise, we help international clients from a number of different industries, including environmental and technological solutions, energy, chemicals and resource and waste management companies.

Depending on the legislative process and type of issue, we support clients to engage with the EU institutions, national authorities and international organisations and impact the policy decision-making process.

We are deeply dedicated to our clients and build for each project a specific team of consultants who together develop a deep understanding of the client’s concerns and needs to provide the best answers and strategy.


Our way of working


Initially, we learn about the client’s business and the specific challenges they face. We hold both technical and policy discussions with the client to make sure that we cover all bases when pursuing new opportunities for the client’s organisation or mitigating a regulatory issue.


We develop a strategy that takes into account current regulatory environment and trends at EU, national and international level. In addition, we evaluate messaging and positions of public and private stakeholders, offering a realistic assessment of chances and expectations.


Finally, together with the client we execute a strategy that can include face-to-face meetings with key policymakers and industry stakeholders, policy position development, media strategy and administrative support. The strategy is supported by a small, dynamic team of consultants who liaise daily with clients to keep them in-the-know. Ultimately, our goal is to develop a long-lasting, constructive and mutually beneficial relationship with decision-makers that the client enjoys for years to come.


Our Expertise

Energy & Climate Change

As the EU moves towards more integrated energy markets, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to shape the future dimension of the EU’s energy and climate policy. With the implementation of new rules for the emissions trading system and the new legislation regarding Europe’s energy transition, there are certainly many opportunities for clients to shape the legislative agenda to fit their interest. Our team is providing services to clients which aim to influence current and future energy and climate policy, both in terms of investments as well as governance. This includes providing information on Member State reporting, energy efficiency and emission levels, innovative technologies and definitions at the member state and EU level.




Resource and Waste Management

The European Commission’s vision for the EU’s economy is a circular one, moving from a waste economy to a resource-scarce economy which demands solutions and designs for material efficiency, long-lasting raw materials and products that turn into secondary raw materials upon reaching their end-of-life phase. EU policies will set recycling targets for the coming years and pass legislation on end-of-waste, extended producer responsibility schemes, expanded eco-design requirements and strategies to tackle single-use materials such as plastics. We ensure that our clients are informed and up-to-date on the transition process to a circular economy, what that means for their business and how they can shape the creation of this new economic model.





Chemicals are an important enabler of production and innovation around the world. Two of the European Union’s signature chemicals policies – the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances (REACH) and Chemicals, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation are increasing the demands on industry to understand what substances they use, how they use them and if they can be replaced with more sustainable chemicals. Industry additionally faces a number of challenges and opportunities with the Commission’s initiatives on the chemicals/ waste interface. We have dedicated REACH specialists on chemicals and substances, including intermediates, polymers and metals. Our work covers the member state level, EU, OECD as well as the international agreements at the UN level.




Transport & Mobility

Safe, secure, and environmentally friendly mobility enables companies to grow and seek new business opportunities across the EU. This approach poses both favorable circumstances and challenges for clients. Our team of experts has proven experience advising clients on the latest policy proposals such as the Mobility Package, biofuels and greenhouse gas emissions to the latest news on funding for infrastructure, including roads, rail, waterways and ports.

Building & Construction

Coupled with our expertise in energy and manufacturing, our consultants can offer support and strategy advice on an array of issues relating to building and construction. Our work in this sector involves following and analysing the latest developments in European legislation regarding energy efficiency and performance in buildings, and the proposed EU and national efficiency targets as well as providing clients with intelligence on and access to key stakeholders. In construction, we support our clients by enabling them to market their services and projects to a wider audience, ranging from new energy efficient factories to innovative technology and new business opportunities.


The EU believes in improving and protecting human health whilst pushing for Europe’s health systems to modernize, in order to support a growing, ageing society. Kreab has helped several health clients strategically market their products and services across the EU through awareness campaigns, high-level meetings and position papers. Besides pharmaceutical and health products, our team also provides advice to a number of clients working in the field of sport, the arts and tourism. In the last few years, we have supported associations by running social media campaigns and organizing events in the European Parliament with the involvement of several MEPs and staff.

Food & Agriculture

The EU’s signature policy, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), supports farmers and 44 million jobs in food processing, retail, and food services. With a significant share of the EU budget going towards food and agriculture, upcoming changes and restructuring of the budget will entail review of European food and agriculture goals.
The food and agriculture industry should be ready to explain their needs. Elsewhere, we are also supporting food and agricultural clients with understand and contributing to upcoming reviews on food-contact materials, water reuse and the Spirit Drinks Regulation. Finally, the food industry faces a continuous challenge from regulating product content that will be increasingly more scrutinized by the decision-makers in the EU and globally.


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Hannalena Ivarsson

Deputy Managing Partner

Case studies

Our Sustainability Case studies can be found here

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