Insights | Colombia and United States continue to be strategic allies


Colombia and United States continue to be strategic allies

Last Thursday on May 18th, the first official meeting between Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia and Donald Trump, after his possession as president took place. The main conclusion of the meeting between the two leaders was the support that The United States will continue to have towards Colombia in the peace process.

At the beginning, the agenda was to discuss four main points: Plan Colombia and the end of violence, fighting against drugs and security alliances, investing and comercial opportunities, and regional politic. Nevertheless, according to analysts, the meeting was focused on two topics: the raise of coca crops and the crisis in Venezuela. In addition to congratulating the Colombian President for the peace agreement and the Nobel Prize, Trump said the affair that must continue to be prevalent between the two countries is drug trafficking.

“Together we will continue to fight the criminal networks responsible for the deadly drug trade that our people have a really strong commitment to getting rid of, because they want a much brighter future”, The US leader concluded as the meeting ended.

The importance of the fight against illicit drugs was also discussed in the US Congress, where President Santos was in the morning. It has been made clear that the two nations are headed towards the same goal. “Colombia will continue to be close friendship and Long-standing friends with The United States” The President Juan Manuel Santos said.

On the other hand, The Atlantic Council on May 17th, published the report “A roadmap for US Engagement with Colombia” in which it analyzes the peace efforts as a strategic opportunity of engagement with Colombia.

“Its achievements and experience fighting international networks of organized crime have transformed the country into an exporter of security expertise and training,” says the presentation report. Among the topics of analysis are Plan Colombia, the fight against drugs and the implementation of the peace process.

Taking advantage of the visit of the President Santos to the USA, Juan Carlos Pinzón, Colombian ambassador in The States, submitted his resignation. In order not to be ineligible, and if he decides, to be able to present his candidacy for the presidential elections 2018. The Colombian President accepted the resignation immediately. The President argued that he has no interest in preventing neither Pinzón nor any other public official who wanted to present his candidacy to be ineligible. Likewise, Juan Manuel Santos highlighted the good job that the ambassador has done arranging the meeting between both American and Colombian leaders.

Time is running out for those who want to present their candidacy to be President. The maximum term for public officials to quit their jobs is this Friday. Revista Semana, Caracol TV, Blu Radio and Invamer, conducted a survey in order to project what would be the results for the 2018 elections. The survey was conducted in eight different scenarios. The main conclusions are the former Vice President, Germán Vargas Lleras, leads the survey with 21,5%. Followed by the former Major of Bogotá, Gustavo Petro with 14,2%. In the third place is Sergio Fajardo, the former Major of Medellín with 10%.