Environmental commitment

KREAB formalises its environmental commitment by focusing on five strategic priorities:

Enhancement of natural capital through services

KREAB aims to extend its environmental commitment throughout its value chain, by way of its range of goods and services, always with its clients’ and stakeholders’ best interests at heart and relying on their necessary involvement.


The commitment to biodiversity conservation is part of the company's value proposition, and it has thereby adopted a nature positive approach in all areas of operation.

Climate Change

KREAB is committed to the fight against climate change by measuring, reducing and offsetting its CO2 emissions, not only through the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energies, but also by reducing travel emissions resulting from the business travel and commuting of its employees.

Circular Economy

The promotion of responsible and efficient consumption is central to the use of the most common office resources. KREAB encourages sustainable procurement through responsible purchasing, which, in addition to focusing on the upstream stages of the production process, promotes recycling and reuse in the workplace. In line with its circular approach, the company is working to minimize waste generation and avoid, as far as possible, the wasting of resources.

Environmental Management

The company aims to minimize its environmental impact through measurable and scalable objectives that will improve its performance in terms of environmental protection and pollution prevention. In order to achieve these goals, KREAB considers the active participation of the people in the organisation to be an essential aspect and, therefore offers specific training in these areas and integrates environmental criteria into the decision-making process.

Our impact in 2022

Carbon footprint (scopes 1 and 2)

24,903.8 kgCO2e

Energy consumption

161.220 kWh, 37.5% guaranteed to be of renewable origin.

*KREAB is in the process of approving the Natural Capital Policy, a framework that includes and formalizes the commitments undertaken by our entire workforce and defines the roadmap for responsible management of environmental impacts. The company is also working on obtaining certification of its environmental management system by an independent third party under the ISO 14001 standard.