Environmental Commitment

KREAB formalizes its environmental commitment through five strategic lines:

Promotion of Natural Capital

KREAB seeks to extend its environmental commitments throughout its entire value chain, through its product and service offerings, and with the essential consideration and involvement of its clients and stakeholders.


The commitment to biodiversity conservation is an integral part of KREAB's value proposition, emphasizing a positive approach to nature across all operational environments.

Climate Change

KREAB is committed to combating climate change by measuring, reducing, and offsetting its CO 2 emissions. This effort includes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy, as well as managing business travel and employee commutes.

Circular Economy

The promotion of responsible and efficient consumption is embedded in the use of common office resources. KREAB supports sustainable procurement through responsible purchasing, focusing on upstream production stages, and encourages recycling and reuse in workplaces. As part of its circular economy approach, the company aims to minimize waste generation and avoid resource wastage whenever possible.

Environmental Management:

The company seeks to minimize its environmental impact through measurable and scalable objectives that enhance its performance in environmental protection and pollution prevention. To achieve these goals, KREAB considers the active participation of all stakeholders essential.

Our impact in 2022

Carbon footprint (scopes 1 and 2)

24.903,8 kgCO2e

Energy consumption

161.220 kWh, 37,5%, with a guarantee of renewable origin

*KREAB is immersed in the process of approving the Natural Capital Policy, a framework that includes and formalises the commitments assumed by the entire workforce and defines the roadmap for responsible management of environmental impacts. The company is working on obtaining certification of its environmental management system by an independent third party under the ISO 14001 standard.