Experts in communications

Strategic advisors with
an integrated approach

Capitalizing on our experience, we manage complex and sensitive assignments
including crisis, reputational issues and change management. Our consultants are specialists in corporate communications, financial communications and public affairs – with proven experience of integrating these three disciplines to fully support our clients to manage their position and reputation across markets and audiences.




Deep issue expertise

Our advice is based on profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our clients. Our consultants include former business leaders, journalists, lawyers, policy makers, trade negotiators, competition officials, diplomats, constitutional experts, among others. In addition, we have a unique network of specialists and senior advisors around the globe. When we combine ours with our clients’ own expertise we get the best results.

Process knowledge

Our clients are faced with many different transformative processes as they develop: IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, regulatory challenges, competition and trade barriers, product recalls to name a few. With experience and familiarity of how different kinds of process play out, our own experts in numerous procedures can, with years of experience from their professional backgrounds, guide our clients through the steps towards a successful outcome.

Communication know-how

Communication is our heart and soul, and underpins all activities of our consultants. The former politicians, officials and negotiators, business managers, engineers, journalists, speech writers, and social media experts that we have brought in-house bring with them decades of experience on how to formulate effective messages and on which mix of channels are best for their delivery.

What sets us apart

Our unique set of core capabilities have made us a trusted advisor over decades. In combination, they form a unique experience and know-how enabling us to provide our clients strategic and tactical communications advise during times of transition.

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