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Polymetric survey: Colombians want a change

The firm Cifras y Conceptos released this week the results of its electoral study “Polimétrica” ​​corresponding to the month of September in which it identifies four groups of voters for the presidential elections of 2022, establishes that the majority of Colombians want a change in the political course of the country and that 77% still do not know who to vote for.

After analyzing 2,231 polls carried out in the six main cities of Colombia, Cifras y Conceptos identified the “suckers”, reformists, inclusive and continuists, as the groups of voters who will elect the new President of the Republic in May.

According to the study, each of the groups has a determined ideological position on various issues that will influence their choice of a candidate for 2022. The “suckers” who are 41% of those surveyed are characterized by being tired of the current policies government and -in general- of all public institutions.

The “suckers” are against the continuity of the policies of President Iván Duque’s policies, against homosexual marriage, against the legalization of immigrants, against ending the JEP, but paradoxically in favor of the life imprisonment.

“We see that the group of suckers responds more emotionally than rationally and reflects how contradictory our society is. The people of this group are against ending the JEP but on the other hand they want life imprisonment, nothing is more contradictory ”, said César Caballero, director of Cifras y Conceptos in an interview with Caracol Radio.

The reformists, who are 26% of those surveyed, do not want the continuity of President Duque’s policies, they are against life imprisonment, against destroying the JEP, but they are in favor of the legalization of immigrants, in favor the legalization of recreational use of some drugs and in favor of same-sex marriage. According to César Caballero, the reformists are young people with an average level of education.

The third group of voters is the inclusive group who is also against the continuity of the policies of the current government, but they agree with the legalization of immigrants, in accordance with same-sex marriage and in favor of the adoption by gay couples. This group of voters wants a candidate who supports the peace process and fights corruption.

Finally, the group of continuists represents only 14% of those consulted. They are also against the continuity of President Duque’s policies, against same-sex marriage, against abortion, they also reject the legalization of immigrants but are in favor of carrying arms.

We realized that no one wants the continuity of President Duque. Furthermore, only 31% say they know who the candidates for the presidency are, 15% the candidates for the Senate and 11% the candidates for the Chamber,” said César Gentleman.

According to the September polymetric, 77% of Colombians have not yet decided who to vote for the presidency in the next elections. Regarding the ideology of Colombians, 17% consider themselves to be from the left, 12% from the right and 71% from the center.