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50 years of KREAB

In the midst of the changes in the company-client relationship, caused by the health emergency of the coronavirus, the Swedish consultancy KREAB celebrated half a century of its foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1970. The communications and public affairs firm still applies its founding philosophy: “explain complex issues in a simple way”.

Founded by Peje Emilsson and Jan-Erik Ander, KREAB has established itself as a leading consultant in adding value through communication and public affairs, creating relationships of trust with clients and their environment, to build strategies and tactics that strengthen their reputation. KREAB believes in transparency as the guiding principle of its actions, building dialogues and promoting efforts that result in the proper management of influence, in all the markets in which it operates.

Ms. Erkhammar, within the framework of the celebration, also commented on the interest in continuing to expand its operations in “strategic markets such as Africa, where we have already opened our first operation in Morocco. We also want to strengthen existing operations in Asia and Latin America, as well as re-enter the North American market ”.

Fifty years after its founding, KREAB has more than 400 consultants representing more than 42 nationalities, with 500 clients and a presence in 25 countries. And most importantly, it continues to innovate to take on new challenges in the world of strategic communication and public affairs. We invite you to see the messages of our consultants about these 50 years.

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