Insights | AmCham presents alliance of associations and unions

María Claudia Lacouture, directora ejecutiva de AmCham. Tomado de


AmCham presents alliance of associations and unions

The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham presented this Tuesday in Bogotá “Aliadas”, an alliance of Associations and Guilds that brings together 16 leading business groups from different sectors of the country.

Representatives of some 6,000 companies from sectors such as manufacturing, agribusiness, gastronomy, health, pharmaceutical, technology, logistics, sustainable mobility, compensation funds, media and services, among others, participate in Aliadas.

During the official presentation, it was reported that Aliadas will have as fundamental objectives to promote dialogue with the State, defend the company and encourage economic growth and sustainable development. To achieve these objectives, the new alliance will seek to promote good practices, research, the incorporation of technology, academic training, productive efficiency, competitiveness, formality and employment.

“This group of unions and associations represents a will that is not only ours, it is that of the majority of businessmen in that private sector who had already been rethinking their role with the State and with society. The alliance seeks to be a complement to the existing associations in the country and does not intend to generate division ”, said during the presentation María Claudia Lacouture, executive director of AmCham Colombia and who will be the president of Aliadas for the first year.

“This association was born to build, add and contribute to the institutional dialogue. The current moment in Colombia needs it and demands it, ”added Lacouture, who added that the new alliance has already met with President Iván Duque to present proposals for economic reactivation.

The guilds and associations that are part of Aliadas are:

  • Acemi (Colombian Association of Integral Medicine Companies).
  • Acodres (Colombian Association of the Gastronomic Industry).
  • Afidro (Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Development).
  • Alianza In (Alliance of Applications and Innovation Companies of Colombia).
  • Amcham Colombia (Colombian American Chamber of Commerce).
  • Anda (National Association of Advertisers of Colombia).
  • Andemos (National Association for Sustainable Mobility).
  • Asobares (Association of Bars of Colombia).
  • Asocajas (Association of Compensation Funds).
  • Asomedios (National Association of Media)
  • Asotic (Association of Information Technology and Communications Operators of Colombia).
  • Bpro (Colombian Association of Business Process Outsourcing).
  • Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce.
  • Colombian Chamber of Informatics and Telecommunications.
  • Fitac (Colombian Federation of Logistics Agents in International Trade).
  • Colombian Union of Advertising Companies.