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Colombia and Kreab Worldwide present at Expo Dubai

With the presence of 192 countries and under the slogan “Connecting minds, building the future”, this
Friday, October 1, Expo Dubai 2020 opens in the United Arab Emirates, an event of which Kreab Worldwide is a prominent partner.

Kreab Worldwide, a Swedish consulting firm founded in 1970 and with a presence in 25 countries, will be located in the Swedish pavilion, a novel wooden construction that will be an example of environmental architecture.

“As a consultancy present in 25 countries, this is an excellent platform to support our clients and give visibility to our international dimension,” said Charlotte Erkhammar, global CEO of Kreab Worldwide. Gunnar Cándido Wieslander, Senior Vice President of Kreab Worldwide, will lead the consultancy delegation together with Eugenio Martínez Bravo, Deputy CEO of Kreab Worldwide and President and CEO of Kreab Spain.

Among the 192 countries attending Expo Dubai is Colombia, which will present a varied cultural, artistic, economic and business offer and which expects to receive more than 2 million visitors in its pavilion during the 6 months of the fair that will close on 31 December. March 2022.

“Colombia is an actor who comes to Expo Dubai to show a different, modern, transformational face of Latin America. The country wants to be an increasingly exporter and this is part of the strategy to be able to show the world much more about Colombia ”. President Iván Duque assured at the Casa de Nariño during the delivery of the national pavilion to the Colombian delegation that will participate in the Universal Exhibition.

“This event is, without a doubt, the most important showcase that Colombia will have, especially in a situation as particular and as special as the one we have today, in view of the reactivation of the country,” he said in turn. Gilberto Salcedo, Vice President of Tourism of Procolombia.

The Colombian pavilion will be located in the “Opportunity” district and is inspired by the motto “The rhythm that connects the future”. In this space, visitors will be able to live an immersive experience that will recreate the beauty of the landscapes, the cultural richness and the warmth that characterizes Colombia and its inhabitants.

“When setting up the pavilion, it was thought that tourists could have a tour through the large tourist regions, so something was done alluding to each region of the country. Upon entering the Colombian pavilion, it is expected that someone who does not know the country, in 20 or 25 minutes, will get an impression of the destination, its people, the products, and the talent that the country has, ”said Salcedo.

In addition to the business entourage and the business agenda, Expo Dubai will also have an important cultural exhibition of Colombia headed by the exhibition of the “Reclined Woman”, a sculpture by the renowned artist Fernando Botero, which will be exhibited during the six months of this massive event.

The three-meter-long and two-meter-tall figure traveled from Hong Kong, where it was exhibited since 2018 at the iconic Peninsula Hotel in that Chinese city, to Dubai, where it will be located on the outskirts of the Colombia pavilion in a space designed exclusively for the work called “El Jardín de Botero”.

At Expo Dubai there will be weekly themes dedicated to strategic sectors of the Colombian economy:

– Flower Week: Flowers connect the world. From November 4 to 10.

– Colombian National Day: November 5.

– Colombia Macro Wheel in Dubai: Opening doors for reactivation: From 7 to 11 November.

– Fashion Week: Fashion beyond the wardrobe. From November 11 to 18.

– Tourism Week: Colombia, a world-class destination. From January 9 to 15, 2022.

– Month of Colombian Agro: Colombia, pantry of the world. Throughout February.

– Investment Week: within the framework of the Global Business Forum Latin America. From March 23 to 25.

It should be noted that Colombia has experience in previous world exhibitions such as Expo Shanghai 2010 and Expo Milan 2015, on account of which it managed to grow tourism from China and Italy by an average of 20%.

With information from Procolombia