Insights | Report: “Reputation Management in Times of Pandemic”


Report: “Reputation Management in Times of Pandemic”

As a communication, public affairs and sustainability consultancy that we are, we dedicate our human talent to solving challenges in these aspects, but we also help to understand how communication, good practice in the management of intangibles, reputation and public affairs, can transform environments and can mean better adaptation to an ever-changing world. In this way, it is pertinent to understand the impacts that the pandemic has had for this management. It cannot be ignored that this situation meant a transformation and a new way of thinking and doing things; It led communication managers and directors to rethink the traditional models of their daily tasks and strategists to see in strategic communication and public affairs consulting, values ​​that could previously be imperceptible.

Rethinking all of the above, in the face of a new degree of massive and triggering uncertainty, is what led us to carry out this report, which aims to identify good practices, experiences and learnings, challenges and solutions that emerged from different areas to draw new objectives in the reputation management, while interpreting what happened in a year as difficult as 2020, but also
to position itself within the organizational environment as a relevant role.

We are convinced that, through communication and the management of intangibles such as reputation, environments can be positively transformed. For this reason, it was essential to understand how those who carry out this role lived and thus identify the learnings that were presented for future performance within organizations.

And with a high interest in knowing the context of the business world, the network of KREAB Worldwide offices in Latin America joined forces to bring the experiences of Argentina; Bolivia; Chili; Colombia; Ecuador; Spain; Mexico; Panama and Peru. The invitation was managed by each office to open these spaces for conversation with organizations from the public or private sector who told, in a close and sincere way, their pain, their fears and learnings.

This study is part of an Ibero-American effort to understand these business cases and experiences in reputation management in times of crisis. The results feed back our work and allow us to share these good practices and challenges from one country to another in order, ultimately, to provide a better service.

Without a doubt, it is also a challenge for the network, since there are other relevant issues on the table regarding public affairs and the management of other intangibles such as trust and transparency. There is a work agenda that already proposes the continuity of different studies and analysis cases that we will continue to develop with the KREAB seal.

By: Paola Pérez Díaz, Director of
Corporate Communication Kreab Colombia
and coordinator of the report.