Insights | V China – Colombia Dialogue: investment opportunities and prospects improve


V China – Colombia Dialogue: investment opportunities and prospects improve

“Relations between Colombia and China are going through their best moment. Since July of this year, it has been our main partner in imports and remains the second destination for our exports. In addition, in 2020, it became the first Asian investor country in our country. ” This is how President Iván Duque inaugurated the V China – Colombia Dialogue, which featured important business leaders from both countries.

The event had three days, developed on November 24, 25 and 26. The first day, the dialogue focused on the importance of Colombia as a place of investment for China. It was attended by Weining Meng, Vice President of Sinovac; Carlos Quiza, Commercial Manager of Powerchina International Group; Hernando Pombo, General Manager of Todo Ortopédico – Waston Colombia; and Lara Zhang, Legal Representative of BYD Colombia. The panel mentioned that Colombia would be the third fastest growing economy in Latin America, behind Chile and Peru, which would mean great investment opportunities for China. The importance of electric vehicles and new energies was also mentioned, and the bets of several Chinese companies in this matter.

The second day, the dialogue focused on the challenges and opportunities of the commercial relations of both countries. The panelists were Miguel Londoño, International Director of Corbeta; Owen Wang, Director of Cole & Wright; and Jiahang Wu, Representative of the Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers in China. Among the most important things mentioned was the importance of making FTAs ​​two-way instruments, so that both countries benefit.

Finally, in the panel on November 27, the guests were Blanca Zhou, general secretary of Huawei Colombia; Paula Bernal, Director of Corporate Affairs of Didi Colombia; Kit Sin, Director of the Route N Market Access Network; and Luis Martínez, Manager in Colombia of Segway Ninebot. On this day, Technology and Innovation was discussed and the importance of platforms that encourage forms of collaborative economy were highlighted, in which different users are digitally to offer or access goods and services.

In that sense, the great conclusion of this event is that relations between Colombia and China are getting better and both countries find great opportunities in the other. For this reason, entrepreneurs who want to internationalize their companies cannot fail to consider China as one of the main destinations to invest and, in the same way, take advantage of the big bets that Chinese companies seek to make in the country.