Team | Michael Lux

Michael Lux

Senior Advisor


Michael Lux is a customs expert, who began his career in the German customs administration in 1974. In 1978, he joined the Ministry of Finance in Bonn as the deputy head of the ‘Customs Tariff’ unit. He then worked at the European Commission for 25 years. In 1987 he joined the customs Directorate of the European Commission acting firstly as head of the ‘TARIC’ unit where he was in charge of creating and managing the EU database for customs tariff and other external trade measures. He later headed the ‘Economic Tariff Questions’ unit, being in charge of tariff quotas, tariff suspensions and customs procedures with economic impact. In 1998 he was nominated head of the ‘Common Customs Tariff’ unit (which included the responsibility for tariff quotas and tariff suspensions), and later became the head of the ‘Customs Legislation’ unit. As head of the ‘Customs Procedures’ unit, he has carried responsibility for all customs procedures (including inward processing) and business process modelling until January 2012.


+32 2 737 6900