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Kreab London is one of the network’s leading hubs for international reputation management, geopolitical experience and advice. From the vantage point of the U.K. capital, with its world-leading media outlets and high-level influencers, we are able to conduct global campaigns for clients across a wide range of sectors.


London plays host to financial institutions, multinational corporations, groundbreaking technology firms, influential NGOs, powerful multilateral organizations, and respected think tanks, so profile-raising here has worldwide reach.

We create value

We support our clients in developing reputations that bolster their strategic aims, from generating positive news headlines to improving bottom lines. We approach all clients with the belief that good communications can meaningfully improve share prices, election outcomes, or fundraising goals, and should underpin all operations.

“As a global capital, London presents some of the best reputation-enhancing opportunities for clients, but also some of the most complex communications challenges.”

Chris Philipsborn

Managing Partner, Kreab London

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