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in strategic

Our vision

Kreab strives to be the premier consulting firm worldwide integrating
communication strategy, reputation management and public affairs.
We bring creativity, innovation and collaboration to everything we do.

Our core values

Our work is guided by five core values: integrity, respect, commitment, excellence, and trust.

These values form the bedrock of our corporate culture and inform our actions when supporting clients to achieve their business objectives.


We prize honesty and discretion, conducting our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics.


We respect individuality, and value constructive debate and diversity.


We give each client our fullest attention, resulting in relationships stretching over decades.


We deliver first class client work, striving to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver the highest quality strategic advice.


We build solid long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

Building trust, adding value

“In a world of constant change we continue to support our clients with their strategic objectives across the globe”

Charlotte Erkhammar

CEO, Kreab Worldwide

Solving problems,
maximizing opportunities

“We are a team of strategic business and communication consultants around the world offering our clients solutions to complex communication issues through global insights and local knowledge”.

Karl Isaksson

Executive Vice President
Managing Partner Brussels

“Our advice is based on profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our clients. We adopt a long-term and sustainable perspective to what we do, both for ourselves and our clients”.

Eugenio Martinez Bravo

Executive Vice President
Chairman & CEO Kreab Spain / Latam

“We believe in long-term relationships, therefore we always strive to exceed our clientʼs expectations, to deliver the best quality and grow together with our clients worldwide”.

Sebastian Remøy

Executive Vice President
Head of Public Affairs

Kreab over the years

1970 - 1979

  • 1970 – Kreab was founded with the basic idea to explain complicated matters in a simple way
  • 1972 – First assignment from long-term client Scania
  • 1976 – Launched operations in London and Paris
  • 1977 – Easy-to-read version of Shell’s Annual Report produced by Kreab London
  • 1978 – ICC Congress in Orlando with futurist Hermann Kahn as keynote speaker
  • 1979 – Training material for post office employees after the merger with Swedish state owned PKbanken.

1980 - 1989

  • 1980 – Broadened offer into financial communications
  • 1982 – Started Diagraf using new technology to produce efficient presentations
  • 1986 – Broadened offer to Public Affairs
  • 1987 – Advisor in creation of Wasa – a merger between four Swedish insurance companies
  • 1988 – Opened office in Helsinki Produced a touring exhibition in the US celebrating 350 years since Delaware was a Swedish colony
  • 1989 – Started Demoskop to carry out market research
  • 1989 – Advisor with key functions in the communication activities for Nordstjernan AB (shipping, construction, real estate, engineering industry) including its 100 years anniversary.

1990 - 1999

  • 1990 – Crises communication for Bahlsen in Germany
  • 1992 – Opened offices in Brussels and New York
  • 1993 – First assignment for Volkswagen AG – a conflict with General Motors about industrial espionage
  • 1994 – Opened office in Beijing when assigned by the city of Beijing in the competition to host Olympic Games
  • 1996 – Established the Scania EU Affairs office in Brussels
  • 1997 – Developed and consolidated Nordic offer with offices in Copenhagen and Oslo – became leading advisor for major financial transactions in the Nordic region
  • 1998 – Advisor to Swedish mining and forestry products company Stora in the merger with Finnish papermaker Enso
  • 1999 – Engaged in, at that time, one of the largest-ever European mergers between the two pharmaceutical companies British Zeneca and  Swedish Astra
  • 1999 – Advisor to construction and real estate company Skanska AB to create an international cement industry.

2000 - 2009

  • 2002 – Kreab Helsinki advised the Finnish telecommunication company Sonera in the merger with Swedish Telia
  • 2002 – Advisor to Finnish steel company Outokumpu Oyj when acquiring Swedish Avesta AB
  • 2005 – Advisor to UK-registered international insurance group Old Mutual when acquiring Swedish Skandia
  • 2006 – Kreab assisted Swedish truck manufacturer Scania in warding off a hostile bid from German MAN
  • 2007 – Kreab opened office in Washington DC. European Union acceptance of stock shares with different voting rights (A and B shares) after many years of lobbying by Kreab
  • 2008 – Kreab Brussels strengthened its financial regulation expertise through the acquisition of Brussels based Houston Consulting Europe
  • 2009 – Merger with Gavin Anderson resulted in increased global reach with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

2010 - 2015

  • 2011 – Kreab Madrid and Kreab London advised Spanish Bankia´s IPO
  • 2011 – Kreab Brussels advisor to the UPM/Myllokoski merger
  • 2012 – Kreab Brazil was launched with offices in São Paulo and Brasilia
  • 2013 – Kreab Ecuador and Kreab Colombia were launched
  • 2013 – Kreab Moscow was established
  • 2014 – Kreab Brussels launched the Financial Policy Advisers Network, with regulatory experts in eight major European capital cities.
  • 2015 – Kreab celebrated 45 years

2016 - 2020

  • 2016 – Kreab India was launched with offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune
  • 2016 – Continued expansion in Latin America with new offices in Peru, Cuba and Bolivia
  • 2016 – Kreab Portugal was opened
  • 2017 – Kreab Chile was launched
  • 2017 – Kreab Brussels celebrated 25 years anniversary
  • 2018 – Kreab Panama was opened
  • 2019 – Kreab Germany was launched with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart
  • 2019 – Kreab Argentina was opened
  • 2019 – Kreab Morocco was launched
  • 2020 – Kreab celebrates 50 years anniversary (founded 1970)
  • 2020 – Kreab Indonesia was opened


  • Kreab opened an office in Mexico
  • Kreab opened an office in Valencia

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