Team | Eric Mouillefarine

Eric Mouillefarine

Senior Advisor


Eric has held senior management positions throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East, with key responsibilities including running commercial departments, developing client portfolios, and running industrial projects in the construction and energy sectors. Eric began his career as a commissioned officer in the French army, graduating from staff college and commanding various units. He went on to serve overseas in the United Nations for over seven years, advising governments and local authorities on a range of issues including governance, economic development, job creation, state and security sector reforms.He was responsible for the development assistance framework in Haiti between the Government and the donor community. This was a five-year plan for political and economic recovery involving all the ministries and civil society actors. During several humanitarian crisis in Haiti, he was appointed as Humanitarian coordinator of area operations. Eric also directed, VEOLIA, a solid waste management company in Egypt and was appointed “Conseiller du commerce extérieur de la France.”


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