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We are facing a new reality, and rarely has the interaction between companies and society been more important. Strategic communication is a crucial tool when managers and companies need to reach goals.

KREAB help businesses to use communication purposefully and efficiently when: The crisis is threatening, and changes must be implemented. Knowledge must be built, and the company positioned. Capital must be raised; a generational change is at hand and the company must be sold. Or a merger means that two cultures must become one.

We profile managers and help them build and maintain the image they want among employees and in the outside world.

For many years, we have built up the expertise it requires to help companies in the financial sector to position themselves clearly and purposefully – and use communication strategically, whether it is about messages to the market or employees.

We are used to working across national borders. We work daily for international customers in a pan-Nordic, pan-European, or global setup. We work closely with our KREAB colleagues abroad to create strong results locally while taking advantage of the synergies that arise from our close cooperation between the countries.

“Our clients get access to communication counselling and influence across 27 countries worldwide. Often centrally controlled from Denmark."

Lisbeth Wirgowitsch

Managing Partner, Kreab Copenhagen

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