Public Affairs

Managing regulatory risk and
policy trends around the globe

Good framework conditions are crucial to your business’ success.

If you want to influence your company’s conditions, it often promotes the case that you articulate the matter yourself rather than leaving it to interest groups or other stakeholders.


It is essential for the end result that you develop an accurate message, identify which decision-makers to influence and how you will get in touch with them.

Kreab in Copenhagen has established the Kreab Academy with the purpose of reducing the distance between decision makers and business executives.

We explain complicated matters simple.

6-8 times a year we invite business executives to exclusive tete-a-tetes with ministers and other influential politicians from Denmark or Brussels; The goal is mutual influence.


Our experienced Public Affairs specialists manage relationships with decision-makers and opinion-makers at both local, regional, national and international scale. Kreab has had an office in Brussels since 1992 and today has the most experienced employees, which effectively create results for our customers.

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