Kreab accompanies you in the design and recording of your corporate podcast

The podcast has become a thriving channel with a growing market of users. Its direct and simple language allows us to connect with the audience and maintain engagement in a sustainable way. Moreover, podcasts have proven to be extremely useful, especially in situations of uncertainty and periods of reinvention such as the times we live in. According to the iVoox Observatory, the pandemic has boosted podcast consumption, as more than half of the users, 55%, admit to listening to them now much more than before the health crisis.

The individual listening experience manages to capture listeners’ whole attention, thereby reinforcing the effectiveness of our communication action and creating a close link between sender and receiver, which exponentially increases the effectiveness of the impact. Likewise, podcasts offer us the flexibility to share a corporate narrative, which will improve the consistency of our story both for employees and for the rest of the stakeholders involved.

Getting started

Getting started

Preparation is essential, including channel knowledge, knowing what to say, when and how to say it, in order to meet the objectives and ensure narrative consistency and coherence with our communications plan. Kreab offers advice on the best tips for speaking on podcasts to ensure that communication is as effective and natural as possible. Our proposals are tailored to our clients’ needs taking into account the specific circumstances of the organization, its environment and the distinctive characteristics of the target audience.

Content creation

Content creation

An essential part of this process is the development of messages according to the strategy, audiences and needs, always adapted to the language, tone and scope of the podcast. We will design the content according to the editorial line agreed and coordinated with the company, in line with its business communication strategy.
Our team is technically prepared to travel and record with broadcast quality and professional criteria in the chosen location. In addition, we also take care of sound editing and post-production.



The podcast is provided turnkey, ready for broadcast. Kreab can advise the client regarding the different possibilities as to podcast hosting platforms for broadcasting and listening. (Monthly hosting costs are to be paid by the client.)

In terms of its application in external communication, the podcast is a versatile and inclusive tool with which we can engage our target audience through conversations about services, brands or market challenges. For its part, internal podcasting helps us to respond to many communication needs that employees demand now more than ever. It gives them the opportunity of listening to their managers and top executives, which brings much needed warmth and closeness to remote team management. Furthermore, these types of practices end up having a positive impact on greater commitment and productivity.

Kreab is aware of the great potential of this way of communicating, thus we have launched the podcasting service always aligned with the overall communication strategy and positioning of each organization. Our team is prepared to manage the entire process, from beginning to end with professional and high quality criteria to find the best solution for each particular case.

Success story: Fika Café

Daniel Fuentes, Director of Kreab Research, and Antonio San José, Partner, during the recording of Fika Café

What is Fika Café?

Fika Café is Kreab’s podcast, a space in which to talk about communication with its protagonists, frontline professionals in various fields: digital, corporate, marketing, reputation, crisis… Fika is for the Swedes that slow, quiet moment to talk over coffee.

Antonio San José, a renowned journalist and Kreab partner, leads Fika Café which brings together communication directors, consultants, journalists… all of them experts in this fascinating area, with a fresh and rigorous approach.