Sustainable Business

Kreab is an all-round partner providing services regarding sustainability, natural, social and relational capital, and economic analysis

We contribute towards the promotion of the integration of sustainability in organizations, in order to generate value for society as a whole and guarantee a positive impact among their stakeholders.

The team of professionals in the sustainable business area specializes in complex projects that solve real client needs and that also strive to make a positive social impact through innovation and the transformation of their business models.

Our sustainability services are articulated around three main aspects:

1. Identify, analyze and monetize risks, opportunities and ESG impacts

Economic analysis and impact measurement

Quantification and, where appropriate, monetization of the main effects of the company on its environment (using methodologies such as the input-output model, WBCSD Measuring Impact, The Capitals Coalition, Value Balancing Alliance, IWAI or SROI), macroeconomic analysis and financial analysis.

ESG risk models

Global risk models that address traditional aspects of business, as well as considering new emerging risks, combining models and methodologies from COSO, ISO 31000, WBCSD, EFRAG, TCFD or TNFD.

Carbon footprint

As a basis for defining carbon neutrality strategies, we help organizations to measure, understand and review their carbon footprint using the GHG Protocol methodology.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We support organizations in conducting a diversity assessment, including the salary gap analyses prescribed by Law 11/2018 in Spain.

Trend monitoring

Monitoring, analysis and consulting services on trends in climate change, circular economy, biodiversity, inequality and human rights, health and demographics and decision hubs. And how they are transformed into requirements for companies by regulation, capital markets, competitive context or stakeholder activism.

2. Design and implementation of management strategies in a disruptive and fast-paced context

Sustainability performance assessment

We have our own model based on the concept of due diligence to assess an organization’s sustainability maturity level, which we can enhance with the ratings obtained by the company in the evaluations of S&P (DJSI), MSCI, Ftse4Good, CDP, Moody's, ISS-OEKOM, Sustinalytics, Ecovadis or Achilles.

Sustainable business strategies

We develop business strategies that naturally incorporate sustainability principles by combining strategic planning methodologies (M. Porter, I. Ansoff) and biology (six principles of life).

Carbon neutrality strategies

Beyond helping companies to define their carbon neutrality objectives aligned with the Paris Agreement and the SBTi, we assist them in establishing reduction initiatives (infrastructures, processes and behaviors), the calculation of the necessary investment and its return.

Circular economy

We identify opportunities to introduce circularity principles into the company's processes and products through life cycle analysis.


We help companies to define net positive strategies and minimize the risks that may be associated with their dependencies on natural capital (TNFD).

Scenario analysis and financial viability assessment

We complement the definition of business and sustainability plans with a financial analysis to determine the best roadmap and ensure the proper implementation of strategies.

3. Supporting our clients in the sustainable transformation of their businesses


And responsible and sustainable product development methodologies WBCSD.


Of ESG requirements in the value chain


Of policies and management systems concerning sustainability, environment, human rights and diversity.


Training actions on ESG and sustainability trends for senior management, employees and suppliers.

Cross-cutting themes in our projects

Due diligence processes

We help companies to establish models for the identification, prioritization, mitigation and management of their main impacts on people and the environment, and to integrate them effectively into their strategy and management.

Stakeholder engagement

We develop stakeholder engagement models for companies based on classic stakeholder management methodologies (AA1000, GRI, IIRC), new legal requirements (EFRAG) and our experience in stakeholder consultation processes.