News | Why does KREAB support rugby?


Why does KREAB support rugby?

Eugenio Martinez Bravo, President & CEO of KREAB Iberia and Executive Vice Chairman of KREAB Worldwide, visited the Las Terrazas (Alcobendas) rugby ground on Saturday, December 15th to explain to the Alcobendas Rugby Club junior players why Kreab supports this sport.

The children, aged between 6 and 12, were able to see first-hand what the professional activity that takes place in the offices of the communication and public affairs consultancy consists of. KREAB supports education, sports and the values of Respect, Commitment, Integrity, Trust and Excellence which are all key to the firm of Swedish origin.

Martinez Bravo explained the issues that unite the sport with the business world, such as the establishment of laws, clear objectives, training – of clients and KREAB – and recognition by teammates. He stressed the importance of a team, both for work distribution, and making consensual decisions.

Undoubtedly, KREAB’s direct contact with rugby, the junior players and their families is a source of pride for all its employees.