News | Kreab meetings: experts in the European Union analyse the impact of Brexit on the new community legislature

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Kreab meetings: experts in the European Union analyse the impact of Brexit on the new community legislature

Kreab brings together its community experts in Madrid to analyse the new scenario in the European Union and the uncertainty that Brexit imposes for companies

September 17, 2019

Karl Isaksson, executive vice president of Kreab Worldwide and Managing Partner of Kreab Brussels, together with Sebastian Remøy, executive vice president of Public Affairs of the firm, have been invited to a new edition of the Kreab Meetings to tell first-hand the key points of the new European Commission, recently proposed by President Ursula Von der Leyen, and the perspectives on Brexit following the British Parliament’s latest events.

At the meeting, held in Madrid and led by Miguel Ferre, Senior Consultant of Kreab, Isaksson explained the key points of the main commissions and the candidates proposed to direct them, with special focus on three areas called upon to occupy a key place in the agenda of the new community executive: a transversal “green” policy under the umbrella of the so-called European Green Deal, the regulation of the digital era, and what von der Leyden has dubbed “sustainable finance”. As detailed by the Managing Partner of Kreab Brussels -one of the firms with the greatest presence in the Belgian capital-, the votes in the Eurocamera scheduled for this 22nd and 23rd of October will serve to confirm the candidates who will finally take hold of the different areas of the Commission in November.

In his speech, Sebastián Remøy, head of Kreab Public Affairs at the global level and leader of the firm’s multinational team on Brexit, has highlighted the uncertainty generated by Brexit in the different scenarios in which it could materialise. Remøy explained each of these different options, pending the British judges’ decision on the suspension of the British Parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In question roundtable, attendees introduced key issues for Spanish companies in the topics, such as the importance of the EU’s foreign policy in the hands of Josep Borrell, Defense and Migration policies, and the implementation of the agreement with Mercosur, signed last June, among other issues.